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Cosmonaut / 23 / Male / South Carolina, USA

Party Crasher Panty Snatcher
Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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dead here

not active here anymore lmao only reason i'll get on here is to send invites to people find me on tumblr or dA cosmonauticalsailor@tumblr tiny-bear@dA

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So uhm I kind of really need to have like $60 by Tuesday Why??? I preordered Epic Mickey 2 ((JUST TO GET THE EARS YEEHAW)) and I forgot I'm going to have to pay for it gomen So I guess I'll be taking PayPal ONLY commissions now??? I'll do packages too $5 Package 1 Custom 1 lined 2 Flats 1 Shaded $1…

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I'm guessing

It would be too soon to post commission prices herp derp