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"Egg whites are better than egg yellows..." --Judy Meyers
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Ask My OCs!

Before the year ends, I'll have an "Ask The Characters" thing on here, dA, FurryNET, FA, and IB. Ask anything, and I'll try to respond through a drawing from my OCs (Anthro and Feral) Yes, NSFW questions are welcome (mostly Ovi and Birthing Questions since those are the only NSFW work I do) Ask Awa…

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Don't Trade History For Condos.

A crony mayor in NYC wants to make 220 Equines who pull the historical buggies in Central Park extinct and put some Un-Eco-Friendly cars in their place. IMHO, what the mayor is doing IS DEAD WRONG. As you may know, that in the last 5 months, I've been fighting the activists who wants to make any an…

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I Apologize For My Rants On Twitter...

The reason for that is that some of the trolls on there who wants some of the domestic animals extinct like the carriage horses in NYC. I've been following this story and fight and tweeting and RTing about it and got into a few tiffs. This may be why some of you unfollowed me on Twitter because of…

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ScrambledRants: I Hate Carriage Hating, Real Estate Moguls!

To the Fandom and wEASYL users who living in or around NYC, you might wanna sit down. There's a group who wants to take away a piece of history in Manhattan and around Central Park. This group called NYCLASS is the group who wants to take the carriage horses off the streets. That group is load of t…

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Back from a looong hiatus

I had to finish my classes and had to get my papers out of the way, but hopefully I would get out of this artblock. BTW, I've upgraded my notebook (AGAIN! AGAIN!!! If you didn't get this TeleTubbies reference, where have y'all been LOL!) to Windows 8 (I know... but It's not just for the Surface any…