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SRL / Female / USA

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Just moving one day to the next. Surviving and taking it one step at a time, as everyday holds something new. Been filtering through my PSD folder . .emptying out unwanted art, old files, arranging new ones. Having been doing much artwork in the past month or so . .life has been dealing me lots of.…

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Try, Try till you succeed!

You will never get better at something If you are unwilling to try it. Give yourself some breathing room to learn, test, and understand. I think the key to it .. is not looking at someone who has been doing (whatever it is) for a long time and assume that on your first try it will be pro. Sorry but…

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Give it a Go'

Givin' this a go. Submittin some random things here, blurps, and ideas~ At some point I'll get to uploading the character who' the name "Churro Bear" belongs to. Hope you like my art.