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Christian / 27 // Buffalo, NY

Commissions: Open
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Plans for my spy comic. !NOT A JOKE!

So, I've already written out the entire plot of it. Here's what I'm thinking... I am going to draw it without using any line tool for the characters within It will be black-and-white, but it will be shaded in. I really don't like the name "Private Spies," so I'm trying to brainstorm for…

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Comic Ideas

I've been wanting to do comics on here for a long time, so here are the ideas I have. Let me know if any of them appeal to you. Idea #1: Lying by Omission Of course, this probably won't be the final title for this. This is basically a slice-of-life series following a St. Bernard who is a closeted b…

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Current State of Affairs

I am currently working on an adult comic, and I will let all of you know when I begin inking all the pages and whatnot. And, for Halloween, I will be trying my hand at writing a horror story. The horror story will be written, but it won't be a comic any time soon. In the meantime, I'm going to try…

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New fursona name

Ok, so here's the story about why I decided to change my fursona's name. While I was trying out my new markers, drawing my fursona, my dad asked his name. Because of how the media portrays furries, I was afraid he might think I'm a sexual deviant, so I omitted the fact that he was my fursona (becau…

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What the hell happened to me?

​The reason why I haven't been uploading any new art is because I believe that my skills are better when I draw it out on paper, and let's face it: phone grain sucks. Also, I think my digital coloring skills are amateurish, so I'm going to try to get a decent scanner and from then on, I'm going to…

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Merry Christmas, everyone!

For me, it was off to a bad start. I woke up at 1 AM with severe pain on my side. I went to the hospital, and it's kidney stones. Good thing I got the pain treated, and now I'm back home to wish you all a Merry Christmas. Oh, and happy birthday, Isaac Newton!

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Commissions are officially open!

Go here for the info! I'm thinking of starting out with four slots available. Just message me if you're interested. ;)

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Chlorine Gas Leak sickens 19 furries I hope everyone who got sick gets well soon. :(