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Chinona Icepaw / Female

Commissions: Open
Trades: Sometimes
Requests: Closed
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Tigerdile Streaming

I really don't announce much on here (not too many watchers) Will be streaming on Tigerdile in about an hour for those that are interested Marked as NSFW due to chat content primarily. I take commissions in stream though and some of those do have adult…

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March 20th -Tigerdile $5 sketches in Stream!

So I figured I'd take advantage of Tigerdiles 30 free days test it. So far I've really enjoyed their site and the quality of it so far. As such I'm going to run a sketch stream on Sunday! Starting time is around 11 PM CST (Canada has gone through DST) I may start the stream earlier if I can however…

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Pricing Guide and Terms and Conditions

Please send a note on commission requests using the form at the bottom of this journal. All prices are Canadian dollar, and I accept certified check (please note with this option, work does not begin until the check is received at which time you will be notified), Paypal (through invoice only) , E-…

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Sketchbooks for Sale

So am looking into selling filled sketchbooks depending on size of the sketchbook anywhere from basically $100 to $500 I sold a test one at a reduced price just to see how feasible the pricing was or if I need to up it more. The one that was sold was a 40sheet multimedia coil ring 5.5inch by 8.5 in…

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So one of my favourite makers Wahaneta (+3Defense) is doing a free fursuit head giveaway in order to get more watchers here on Weasyl! Her suits are ruddy awesome. And quite frankly IF I were to win I'd have a hard time choosing between Squeaky, or Kahula. (I know not Chinona cause she's a realisti…

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Cleaning up my Weasyl accoung

So I have a lot of fursuit stuff and accessories on this account that should be on my Lazy Leopard. As such I will be deleting them from here and officially moving them over. Feel free to go and watch lazyleopard for more fursuit based updates!

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Well then

I really need to do a better job of keeping this gallery updated. Over the next few days I'm going to make sure every piece that I've finished on FA makes it onto this site. My current goal on FA is to get 150 watchers... I'll be happy if I break 50 on here in the next two months (I aim sooo high I…

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So I'm now a 'bot'

At least that's what Furaffinity is trying to tell me. Le sigh I've decided since they have decided I am without a doubt a bot (I haven't been able to reach the site in two days now really aside for a 1 minute stint where I got into my messages before trying to read a shout and getting booted again…

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The get to Know Meme

Well this is the first Meme thing I've done ever here or anywhere on the interwebs.... seemed appropriate. What's your real name? Katrina which I like though I often go by Kat because people have an easier time remembering it. How tall are you? 5'6" What's your natural hair color? I don't know. Whe…

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Going to start using Weasyl as much as FA

While I have no intentions of leaving FA yet as most of the drama happening on there really doesn't affect me - I don't have enough watchers to have any hassles with people not receiving notifications, and likely won't for some time unless I get share spammed by some big name (which is not likely t…

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Setting up my Weasyl Account/Icon Special

So I joined a little while ago but decided not to set it up right then, due to a time constraint and I wasn't to worried about it. However I have finally got time to set everything up and am working on getting most of my art from FA over here as well. I have several more pieces that need to be brou…