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CHARITY AUCTION - Cherry Cordial Dutch Angel Dragon Partial

https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/charity-auction-cherry-cordial-dutchie/130642 The holidays can be tough for everyone, but are immeasurably difficult for those who have lost the support of their families and friends due to who they are and who they love. That's why we're hosting an auction and…

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Commissions open (again!)

We really appreciate everyone's patience and kindness in boosting - what we know can become repetitive - our commission opening posts. Unfortunately, we have had several people apply for a slot and then back out or simply not respond. Due to this we have been unable to fill our final slots, and wil…

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Last day for commission slots!

http://www.cfstudiosonline.com/commission-form We’ll be contacting people tomorrow with our decisions, and aren’t sure when we’ll be opening again. Slots are limited and based on interest, so get yours in now! Also, check out this super cute clip of Lumie and Kahlua from BLFC! https://twitter.com/C…

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The first public slot application bracket is now open from Sept. 21st-28th! Please use the form on our website and read carefully- there’s a lot of important information you don’t want to miss. -This first bracket is open for one week, and everyone who submits an application will be contacted on th…

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Ending Streams

We're sorry to announce we're going to be ceasing our streams. Unfortunately they've become a bit of a hindrance to our work flow and we don't feel they're mutually beneficial. We aren't making an effort to be entertaining or giving tutorials, we're just two people at work. Imagine if you were at y…

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Plushie Raffle Details

-Each share/RT/repost with a link/reblog/etc. of our auction posts is an entry! You can enter as many times as you want, no limit. Specific hashtags for tracking reposts will be given at each auction. -Plushie is limited to a food plushie, i.e. no characters. Things like mushrooms, acorns, etc. are…

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Mulder Process Stream!

https://www.twitch.tv/cfstudios We're working on our Mulder Alien Fox premade and his cool guro tail on our stream today! Come join us!

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Poodle Partial Re-list

Poodle Partial didn’t get any bids, so it’s relisted for another two weeks! More time to enter that plushie raffle! https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/poodle-partial/128084

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PSA About Our Views

It's been brought to our attention that a previous commissioner has been making especially transphobic statements over social media. We want it out in the open that this is not okay with us, and we are not pleased with being associated with this person as one of our suiters. We are both members of…