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Do you not like spoilers?

Feel the need to say this, since I'd feel bad if I were to ever spoil anything for anyone. If you haven't watched/played Final Fantasy XV, Breath of the Wild, or Voltron you might want to unwatch me. Might have a few Fire Emblem ones too, but not sure yet. Future pictures will involve these thingys…

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I'm Back Babyyyy

After like 3 weeks, my computer is back to it's good ol self! Still has an issue going on, one of the fans decided to join the failing bandwagon. I plan on getting a replacement after Christmas or whenever I have the funds to do so, but everything works so I'm not to bothered by it. Also major than…

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False Alarm

Sorta Computer is still bad, but I somehow got my tablet to work with my laptop was just dicking around with it and it suddenly started to work So art will be a thing now might look weird cuss I lost all my brushes but hey at least I can draw

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RIP My Computer

So my computer isn't officially dead yet, but it might as well be at this point. Some loud vibrating noises coming from its power supply box thing, hopefully its just its fan dying but I wont know for sure until friday And who knows how long it will take to find a place/someone to fix it and have t…