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Bravo / Male / Texas

I only make passes at guys who wear glasses.
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Just wanted that long meme post off my front page, but figured it'd be a good chance to remind everyone about one of the projects kinda on the backburner. I spend most of my days on a teamspeak server with other furries. It's small and cozy now and for the most part self-sufficient, but once we get…

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Get to know meme.

What's your real name? Shawn How tall are you? 5'8" What's your natural hair color? Red, ginger, unemployable, comedy relief sidekick friend orange, whatever you want to call it. What's your eye color? Hazel What's your orientation? "Life vests protect you from drowning. Bullet proof vests protect…

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Furry Fiesta 2014

Just doing the obligatory, 'yes, I'm going' and such. I don't really know if I'll be doing commissions or artist alley or anything there yet, or likely just hovering around wherever there's open seats, food/drink, and people to talk to. :3 Also I'm happy to be helping out a bit art-wise with next y…