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blackphantom1412 / 28 / Female / Liverpool

Why be grown up if you can't be childish about it?
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Confuzzled 2015 Meme

Sure why not this was fun to do last year (Stolen from indiwolf) What is your name? Adwin What is your gender? Female How old are you? 20 (21 at the con though) How tall are you? 5ft 6? im not sure Are you in a relationship? Yup~ Where are you staying? In the Hilton What day are you getting there?…

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Confuzzled 2014 Meme

Stolen from indiwolf Where are you staying? At the hotel~ What day are you getting there? First day~ Who will you be with? Rooming with my boyfreind Adam but will stalk peoples I know who are going~ (please don't let me get lost guys) Do you do free art or trades? Sure fast sketches at the con woul…