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art dump of 2018

ugh, once again, ive neglected to post anything to my page here. Both here and on SoFurry, ive kinda just let them dead for a long time. even after i say im going to post, i never do...mainly cause im a lazy sack of crap XD. Eitherway, hopefully ill try to post some of my stuff from FA, though i mi…

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here it comes.....again XD

ive been putting it off for FAR too long. and it always happens when i somehow amass a great number of picks and then never crosspost them like i keep telling myself. eitherway, im probably going to do another art dump here, maybe five or so every 10 minutes, or just dump all of them at once. so if…

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really need to post more stuff here. then again...id actually need to draw in order to do that XD. eitherway, i hope to contribute more often than i do.

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annnnnd done

well, that seems to be all of it. some stuff is still over on my FA page, but for the most part, all the good stuff has been posted here. Now then, just gotta keep things up to date XD. and i do apologize for the art dump.....hope i didnt annoy too many people XD

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random posting

dont mind me. just posting random stuff to this account. Probably going to post from both my main and alternate accounts this time to save time and not have to worry about opening two separate accounts......just be warned, there are some weird stuff that passes through from time to time XD. anyways…