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YOU guys ive been working a lot, summer is about to be here and Sonic is crazy. also i am working on a promotion, im on paid vacation this week, so maybe ill have some time to be on more often. much love

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Weasyl exclusive trades? YO

Currently taking 3 slots for art trades. I'm making them exclusive here, because I want to try trading with different people, that I haven't trade with before or for awhile. I really want some new and interesting characters to doodle and it will give me some practice. so any takers?

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Hello ALL

I have just moved some art over here, I came from FA ( http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bamb11 ) I haven't really left that site, but I'm hardly active there. I am more active on Tumblr which is linked on my profile, feel free to follow. I hope to be somewhat active on this site as well and hope to…