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Looking For Friends

So, things are getting pretty lonely during this whole pandemic thing, and I am trying to find a furry social circle to hang about or at least message with. Art, games, writing, youtube, just fun stuff like that. If anyone is feeling social, feel free to message me? Or if you've got a discord or so…

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Back on Weasyl

Hello Weasyl! It's been a long time, but I am back into the fandom really-really and am glad to be back. I've been focusing on my youtube channel for a very long time, and my main show "ended", so now I have lots and lots of time to pursue art and other creative focuses that are not derived from a…

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Wulf Mountain Caught Up

Okie Dokie! The Wulf Mountain comic is all caught up and up to date with everything that has been drawn on it so far. There's some smidgens of practice art, posing, uncolored test art and some smut--- but we'll save that for another day in the future. I hope you enjoyed what we've got so far, and l…

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Wulf Mountain Arc #1 Uploaded

(June 5, 2016) Hey guys, Azzy here! The first arc/chapter of Wulf Mountain has been completed and is all posted up. I hope you guys enjoyed and are ready to see more, because there's plenty more to be posted. (Please don't be shy about commenting, I don't really draw porn or anything so on a site l…