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Autumnfire / 39 / Female / Canada

I am but a humble jaguaress enjoying life
Commissions: Filled
Trades: Closed
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What Type of Commissions Would You Like Me to Offer?

I won't be opening for commissions until my 100 Character Challenge ones are completed but I wanted to start gathering some info on the types of commissions my followers would be interested in. I don't have a list or poll for you to chose from, just let me know what you would want to see. I offer W…

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For Those Who Want to See WIPs

I have a Tumblr account where I post WIP shots of current commissions, trades and personal pieces. If you are interested in checking it out Warning: Sometimes I may post adult or NSFW stuff. Nothing explict though.

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Get To Know Me

I don't normally do these but I thought I would put one in my history for people to read. What's your real name? Celeste How tall are you? 5' 11" What's your natural hair color? I'm a ginger What's your eye color? blue/green What's your orientation? Straight. Are you single, taken or undecided? Mar…

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Hello Weasyl and Sorry for Art Dump

I must say I am very much enjoying this website. I hope it does not get tumbleweeds any time soon. I apologize for the massive art dump. I am putting up some of my favourite pieces along with my character challenge commissions. Thank you all for the favourites and watches. I have some friends here…