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Astrozerk / 35 / Female / Georgia

"I saw an opening that screamed attack, so I did"
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....But not from me, My roomie has opened for commission to help pay for our rent. The link to her journal is here:

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So failed on my end.

Yeah remember the 13 ghost of pokemon art jam thingy I was doing? I might have to hop out of it. We've gotten way too busy at work plus (doing overtime and weekends) I am helping a buddy with their project so there is no way I can do these each day for Halloween without burning myself out. I'm stil…

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13 ghost of pokemon thing-a-majig

So guys I have this idea that I'm gonna do for Halloween. I'm thinking of doing what I have done in the past and draw 13 Halloween related pictures till Halloween. This time the theme is ghost type pokemon! With that I'm deciding to see if any one of ya'll want to join in? I usually don't do these…

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Know about me meme

I STOLE THIS FROM SOME PEOPLE Been a billion years since I've done one of these. What's your real name? Shayla Hall How tall are you? 5' 4" What's your natural hair color? Black What's your eye color? Brown as...eww. What's your orientation? Hey look over there! Are you single, taken or undecided?…

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New here

Hey, ninjas, I'm pretty new here since I was suggested to start using this site so BAM! Here I am. Most of my work is over at DeviantArt ( and FurAffinity ( I will slowly migrating artwork from both of those over some ti…