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Respect is earned, not given!
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What's the point?

Okay, what the hell is the point in me watching/following some artists if they're gonna nuke their art or close their account after uploading dozens of pieces of art? Two artists on IB whose journals I read had some crap about clearing art or account closure were unfollowed because I will not stand…

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Why mobile gaming sucks

http://iwantaclone.tumblr.com Is because of wanton cloning and copycats making both Android and Apple stores a cesspool.

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Don't know I am still over there

I don't even know why the hell I am still on that rusted husk of a site called FA. The bullshit that pops up occasionally never ceases to amaze me, especially when it involves Dragoneer and his little group of thugs called admins. Some don't even know how to react properly to stalking and harassmen…

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First journal!

I would like to thank Vertex-Chiral for the invite, but it will take some time to upload all my commissioned works and gifts/requests.