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Tumblr Thingy

Heya guys! So You might have seen my drawing advertising about my tumblr haha, Just wanted to say Im going to try to keep it up to date and I will post wips, sketches and more things I normally don't post here or at FA and Weasyl. So you can feel free to check it up if you guys want to! ^^ http://a…

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Hello everyone. Hey gotta apologize for disappearing from here! My Page has tons of spider webs and dust now! Need to clean and update this hahaha. Well must say that I have been just up and down through the last months, so I did left my things a bit aside for some time. And I think its a good idea…

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New Banner

Heya! Just did a new banner, it really isn't what I was planning at first but I liked it hehe ^^ I think I'll change it ocasionaly from time to time too. The idea for it just came with some random doodles. =) .Adi.

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Hiya! Im Ariadnedalua, or can call me Adi! My first journal! Haha, came to say that im really animated to be here looking how the site is, I was really interested by it when I heard about weasyl at first. So...experimenting out this new site, it sound pretty good so far. Aaaand... I'm going to be u…