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frogela / female / fl

Commissions: Open
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$15 chib commissions!

EXAMPLE: https://www.weasyl.com/submission/425909/rock-on you can suggest a pose if you want or i can make one up. i can draw furry, human, kemonomimi, basically anything send me a note if you're interested!

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i remade my art tumblr because it was originally a side-account and i couldn't follow people or ask questions or anything really it was just a huge pain in the ass and i didn't realize that until after i made it and put all my shit on it, so i was too lazy to do it again. half a year later i realiz…

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STOLEN FROM BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT PLUS MY LAST JOURNAL IS 2 YEARS OLD What's your real name? angela, but i usually go by ange/ang/anj/shithole How tall are you? nearly 5'8" What's your natural hair color? dirty dishwater blonde What's your eye color? blue What's your orientation? i love the d Ar…

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hey weasyl

hi!! thank you ali for inviting me. hi guys, i'm ange, also known as czar or frogela. weasyl looks pretty cool so hi. i'm gonna spam you a bit with some old favorites and then my most recent shit. I HOPE TO ENJOY THIS COMMUNITY HELLO