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Andre Valias

Andre Valias / 26 / Male / Aussieland

I'm sorry what.
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u wot m8

... Sooooo, I might be getting back into this furry nonsense. Uhm. Stuff Stuff Stuff, Stuff. [Insert more stuff here] Cool, okay. That was just for me so I feel like I typed a lot. When really I just press enter alot kinda. Stay Classy, [Anybody Reading This]! Andy-Muu

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It's 4:03, and I can't sleep...

It's 4:03, and I can't sleep. It might be the ridiculously hard pillow, or maybe it's the fact I'm blaring music at 50% volume from my iPod, or maybe it's because I'm not lying the right way. Or maybe, it's all these thoughts in my head. Guess now it's time to write and draw, or think and cry. Whic…