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$5 Commission Stream Tuesday!!

Yo yo! I've been wanting to do one of these streams for a while, but tomorrow night (the 10th) I'm going to do a $5 bust commission stream! They'll be flat colors, simple lining, and be done during the livestream. If for some reason I don't get through all of them tomorrow night they'll be finished…

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YOOOOO I've been so dead lately because work is taking over my life. BUT THIS WEEK IM IN SAN FRANCISCOOO WITH SKIASKAAAI AND IM GOING TO CALIFUR! I have no idea if anyone else is but YAAAAA my first Con!! I've been posting pictures on my tumblr http://amir-the-magica.tumblr.com and on my new Instag…

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"Get to Know Amir" meeeeme

I saw some people doing this and I thought it was cute. q uq I like reading them so too I did one myself!! What's your real name? Alexandra! I go by Alex though 98% of the time but a lot of my friends refer to me by my last name. Because of there being so many Alex's in my grade growing up. How tal…

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It took me way too long to find the journal submit WHOOPS But hey there! I rather like this website already so I'm going to try and keep up with this one! I'm in the middle of an art block though so hopefully that'll go away because I'm going to be opening commissions soon as well!! OTL I don't rea…