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So, my mate's suffering from a LOT of stress lately, and I just got 50 bucks as a graduation present...I was originally intended to save it towards a new computer, but I kind of wanna commission a picture for my mate, a sweet picture to help him relax and have a smile. This is him, by the way. http…

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Found a new comp to buy but...

Found a great gaming laptop, however the issue is that it costs FAR more than I can afford D: I'm only getting so much graduation money ;w; (Graduate in 9 days =V Looking forward to the very few gifts I get, lol. Hoping for some paypal money too, so I can order parts online) This is the laptop I wa…

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Shiny things!

If you like shiny things and have $500 or more to spend, then check this friend out! Grab what you can :D Do it! He's so awesome <3 (And great/easy to work with ^^ )

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Gems! Signal Boost

If you like gems, check out this journal! A friend of mine is selling some pretty epic looking gems, well worth the prices! :) Just giving him a paw by signal-boosting!

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Urgent, please help! $15 $15 $20 Purchase one, full rights go to you! They get deleted from my gallery