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Posting and Patreon

It's been a while! I've been mainly focusing my work on SF, so if you want a ton more content, It's already posted over there at https://akeroh.sofurry.com . However, I will be poting the backog here over the course of the next several weeks and months and I'll be keeping up to date here, too. Time…

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Alternate sites

Alright, in my several weeks of posting here, this site has been...very lacking in terms of activity. I've barely managed 50 views here versus the several thousand on SF/FA and the several hundred on IB... So I'm probably not going to post here. If someone wants me to, just drop a note - I'll proba…

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All Caught Up

Well, that should be all the older, acceptably-written stuff posted, so this place should be caught up with my FA. I've got some more recent stuff to post now, including two comissions, so expect those this week. I'm also transferring a lot of physical writing to typed form, so I'll probably be pos…

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Weasyling my way in

Well, lets see how this does. I figured I might as well crosspost my stuff over here as well - it seems reasonable to keep a curated database on all the places I end up going to. Better than a blank account! I should be about as resonsive over here as I am on my other accounts, too, so feel free to…