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Ahst Ikkeston / Dude / Nebraska and/or Alberta

Quality commissions and idiocy.
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Watcher raffle winner!

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who commented! You're all big sweethearts. <3 But like Highlander 2: the Quickening proved, there can only be one. In this case, that one is Koviell, so congratulations! Get in touch with me by note, Skype, or Twitter, and we can hash things out. Internet hear…

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Oh hey I broke 200 followers!

(This will help shorten my profile page by getting the incredibly long previous journal off of it.) I just broke 200 users today! This calls for a celebration! And, by celebration, I mean a raffle. If you were a follower when this post is made (I took a list to be sure), feel free to comment in her…

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Why IMVU buying Furaffinity makes perfect sense (a post nobody asked for)

Since it’s a slow day, I thought I’d do a little thinkpiecing. Sorry-not-sorry about the length. If you’re curious and don’t think my head is too far up my own ass, by all means indulge me and read on. Why IMVU buying #Furaffinity makes perfect sense (a post nobody asked for) ”They drove a dumptruc…

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Watcher raffle winner and other cool information!

First and foremost, I rolled off, and Madnesi was the lucky winner! Thanks to everyone for entering, I do appreciate it! I'll inevitably hold more raffles in the future, so keep your eyes peeled. Meanwhile, I love you all! <3 Madnesi, I'll drop you a note. I'm assuming you wonderful people follow m…

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100 Followers on Weasyl! It's time for a celebratory free art raffle!

A well-placed "woohoo" can be inserted here! So I finally turned over to 100 watchers here. And I do love you. When I hit that number over on FA, I ran a little raffle, and I think it'd be fun to do the same here and now. In case you missed the previous one, here's the deal: all you have to do is c…

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Hey folks, join in "AngelQuest"!

I'm not usually the sort to go and say "hey, check this out!", but what the heck. Siskmarek is running a *chan Quest-style game called "AngelQuest" over on their account, and the more voices we have arguing over what the hell we should be doing, the more fun we all have! The game's only just starte…

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It's Ween's birthday today!

My super-sweetums, Ween has completed one more rotation around the sun. Given that he's the artist and I'm the art whore, there's no reason I should have more watchers than he does. Go say hi and wish him a happy birthday! Love you, stoxie!

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I love you people.

The daily morning-notification read/view/purge was packed today. Anyway, I've finished uploading the current crop of commissions, so from here on out it's all as fresh as it comes! I'm just as excited to see it as you (hopefully) are! See you around here!

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Uploads galore!

I'm uploading a significant chunk of my old commissions here. For the moment most of my folders are set to "don't create notifications", so hopefully that will keep the spam down. Once all the uploading is done, then I'll switch things back. Really, I'm just making this journal to apologize for the…