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Happy Holidays! (Life Update) by Zeta-Haru

Hey guys, I usually make these journals once a month where I like to share what's happening in my life and give you updates, get to talk better with the fans and other stuff, but first of all...

Happy Holidays! Like the title of this journal already says haha facepalms

I made the "Joel's Xmas" gift card for christmas a few days ago for you, I'm sure most of you saw the post already hehe. And that was my most recent personal colored art, I can't even remember when the last one was o.O but ahem let me give you the updates.

My life is still like the same pretty much, except that now I live alone in my apartment, my dad visits me sometimes to check if things are ok and usually brings dinner and oh god it's so good, not the taste but because I don't have to cook that night xD. Which reminds of the reason why I feel so tired and like I lose hours of my day magically. You all might have noticed how my posting schedule got slower, and I even feel ashamed for that! :( It's mostly because since I've been living alone, I'm the one who has to do everything in the house, or in my life even with a help here and there, taking care of the house and myself everyday gets real tiring, I even feel like my health was affected by my lack of time or attention to myself =o And all of this affects my inspiration and how I feel every day, drawing started to feel more frustrating because I didn't want to mess up my sketches and lose time, lose sleep, it was slowly becoming a negative thing until I realized that.

And by losing time, I have less time for my friends, to have fun and feel like I'm living, which makes me depressed for thinking that's all I do in my life, and that taking care of a house is too much for me, etc ,etc... and in the end I just feel ashamed of this whole chain reaction because I know all this won't matter much for who follows my work and that some people will judge me for this and blah... sigh I just wanted to put this out because it was really bothering me and causing me too much stress. I'm sorry if things are slow, but I will try to make it up somehow.

For the end of the year: There might 1 or 2 posts before it ends, because a week is already compromised for comic page updates, since they stay one week on patreon first, so we could say the business of this year is very close to ending, but look foward to 2016!

I must thank you all for this year, it was one of the best years in life for me I must say, I was able to do things that I didn't even imagine myself doing when I was younger. I must give a special thanks for the people supporting my patreon for motivating me and giving me new goals, for feeling more resposible and for aiding me financially, Brazil is facing trouble in its economy and I'm not that much into politics but it feels like "glass cracking"... So thank you for providing me that mean of working and making money monthly, I am really, really grateful for that.

Oh and for the Weekend 2 Comic, around the end of chapter 1 I will make a break to finish the pending commissions I have. And on february of 2016 me and boyfriend are going to Abando once again, we'll be out for almost 2 weeks to meet with other furries in an almost camp experience, it's going to be awesome ^^, specially because I will be able to see him and last time I met him was on last year's Abando.

For the last days of the year I will be working but I'm pretty sure I will get 2 to 3 days where I'll have to go out with my family for christmas and new year parties, and hell yeah I'm coming because it means free food, and free food means no Zeta cooking ;-; oven explodes while I write this Excuse me for a while.

One last thing: Inkedfur is now selling Wall Scrolls of the Weekend 2 cover!

(edit: I really felt like adding this video, because recently I can relate to almost every word she says in this: )

Sorry for the long text, unfortunally I don't have a potato for you xD Hug someone next to you now and see ya next time like always! :3

Happy Holidays! (Life Update)


20 December 2015 at 03:52:09 MST

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    I can appreciate the 'time loss' of living alone and domestic responsibilities :) I do love your art style and am very much enjoying the comic. I am thankful you are able to balance life and your artistic time and continue to bring us such great things to enjoy. Happy holidays!