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(Late?)Weekly Update! by LudoCrow

The News

Bit of a slower week, but now all of the Patreon stuff is online and I've also begun working on new commissions, one of which(and actually an update to an old one) just got uploaded today. Hoping you folks all enjoy it!

Recent Artwork and Commissions

A bit less "newer" commissions to show this time around, but I actually have a couple of newer ones in the work and planning stages.

Recent Commissions:
-Shaytalis Shaytalis
Zorah, the cursed mask's corvid witch queen spirit completely possessing her current host

-Shaytalis Shaytalis
More Zorah, showing off and done using a tweaked version of my digital paint style

-Crystala Crystala
Crystala, joining the hounds of hell

-Onom Onom
Another reindeer TF for Onom, this time of the therianthropic sort :)

Monthly Patreon Painting:
Updated monthly. Patreon backers get access to the current month's painting as soon as completed.
-A mystical crystal, done as the painting for November's Patreon

Patreon Rewards:
Last month Patreon's sketch rewards. Next update should include December's :)
-A bit of a Totally Spies tf fanart piece
-Onom's Quinn taking on a more holidays-appropriate shape
-And more rodents again this month, from a different backer this time!
-Because sadly coffee, retail and werewolves don't always mix well
-Some people prefer to rock on the demon look for the holidays?
-(Cardboard+ink) And some amount of werewolfing continues for others
-(Cardboard+ink) Squirrel Girl remains Unbeatable :)

Recent Scribbles
A Weasyl exclusivity, those are small scribbles I recently produced and decided to share here thanks to the relatively seamless upload process which doesn't require me to do much formatting of my work.
Those are generally all done fast, without any regard to really be more than a quickly done unpolished scribble but I felt they might still be of interest to some:

Commissions and Patreons Infos

If you happen to be interested in a commission, please do take a gander at my pricelist and drop me an email at so we can discuss out your needs and other details!
Commission Pricelist

If you aren't interested in a commission or can't afford one but still wishes to support my work, there is always my Patreon where for 1$ to 5$ per month you have access to most exclusive artwork I will be posting there for backers:

(Late?)Weekly Update!


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