thoughts on character sale/auctions/adoptables by sterlingy

I'm thinking about creating some anthro character designs for sale, but I'm having some difficulty deciding which species to go with here. SO. Are there some particular species you'd like to see for sale? Suggestions? And while we're talking here, what sorta anthros would you like to see more of in general?

I'll likely do a feline design (haven't decided on a specific species) and I've been suggested to do a rhino one too (apparently rhinos are trending in some way?) so that might be on the table as well.

thoughts on character sale/auctions/adoptables


14 December 2015 at 14:14:01 MST

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    I'm not sure on the anthro market but feral market, horses, wolves, and felines are always in high demand. Least on DA they are. XD If you ever want to jump into that realm. Though making it on DA can be hard start though.

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      Really? Huh. Wouldn't have guessed that they have a high demand, especially on dA. I don't really get the whole feral thing and the thought of drawing feral designs kinda bores me as well (though that might just be me being unimaginative about it), so I don't think I'll be doing those any time soon. xD

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        As far as I've seen the same holds true for anthros. Male, muscular build horses, bulls, felines and canines are pretty popular, as are dragons. As much as I hate to say it, designs marketed toward NSFW seem to sell best. I know a friend who just got paid to make the breasts larger on one of her adopts.

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          The NSFW aspect of these anthro/furry art sites is so prevalent that it's hard to miss that one. :P
          Good lord at that request though...classy. (then again I'm more surprised about the fact that they were willing to pay for the changes rather than the actual request)

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        XD Haha, idk I like ferals. I more collect them because their cutes 8D or RP with them. (My favorite ferals I'll convert to Anthros.) But yeah I can see the boredom But then again weird mutations on normal ferals can perk interest too if you want to combind animals together. 8D lolz.

        I normally go to virtual pet games and advertise for feral work. XD Got a lot of horse customers 8D in horse sim games.

        Lolz and no worries! Everyone likes something different! ^^ Best to always do what you like and toss in experiments along the way ! XD

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    I'll add to the support for more Rhinos being around and, biased as I am towards it, some more pigs would be nice to see too. Kind of hard to gauge the community though to be honest: it could be "Give me the most original character design you've got!" one day and then be "I just want another wolf..." the next.

    If you're just looking for quick cash then, yeah, like Crossroads said above, muscular men and the ever present NSFW stuff seems to be the way to go. Not exactly a riveting boost for creatively, but it will probably get you the cash if nothing else.

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      At least big burly men are fun to draw. xD It's a nice counter to the previous trend of extremely lean and shapeless noodly men.

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        Haha, true, but how noodly did we dare to go? Did we go far enough? At one point I expecting to just see a bunch of those "Flailing Tube Men" being shown as new characters. :P

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          maybe that'll be the next counter trend