Free TF comic pages raffle/lottery! by Antiquity-Varmint

Hello everybody who is reading this right now.

I have been talking with my friend and I have finally decided I will do raffle/lottery where anyone can win free TF comic pages from me! Since impressively I don’t have any commissions work to do after artist’s alley on Fri and Sat at MFF. I did have some furries wanting to commission me there and there. They still hadn’t step in and pay me up to make any for them yet. However, I don’t want to wait for them too long. Life is too short, blah blah!

This is my very first raffle/lottery event that I’m hosting here. Again, free TF comic pages I will make and hand out to the lucky winner! That winner could be you, if you enter your comment “I want to enter and win the prize!” and you might win! Yes that means winning free TF comic pages of you transforming into mutant animal of your own choice! Make your human mother proud of you! It will bring a tear to her own eyes as she says finally her son/daughter will be transforming into furry in comic pages!

I will mix up the names and pick out the winner! Do not miss this limited event! The end date of this raffle/lottery will be on 31st of Dec 2015! The winner will be announced on the Jan 1st 2016!

Now again, if you guys really do want to be in the raffle/lottery. You must comment here saying “I want to enter and win the prize!”. I would highly encourage anybody to share link to this humble Journal of mine! Don’t be a greedy little furry fur here, mind you! Share the link among your friends and enemies! Any questions feel free to ask me by notes.

Free TF comic pages raffle/lottery!


13 December 2015 at 02:08:13 MST

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    I want to enter and win the prize!

    (I'll be sure to tell my friends that like TF, your art is very unique and awesome!)

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      Aw, thanks for your kind words and support by sharing it with your friends! I do appreciate it!