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The Good Dinosaur Review - NO SPOILERS by ilbv

First off I liked the movie a lot, its was so perfectly Pixar <3

Of course there were a lot of good and bad things about it. I don't know if it is Pixar's best film ever, but I highly enjoyed the story. Parts were predictable but sometimes that just happens in movies. It had a very similar idea to "How To Train Your Dragon" and "The Lion King".

Now many of you know I am a mega fan of Dragons and Dinosaurs and all those scaled creatures and big teeth and claws and the rest, this movie had a fair amount of teeth and claws, yes there was a few vore-ish moments and some maw shots and 1 and half vore scenes; but that is not why I went to see it.

I can imagine that there will be lots of fan-art about this movie and not all of it good.
I really don't like how rule 34 is there sometimes, but you cant stop people and their creativity...or sick ideas shudder I even kind of squirm to imagine the extent of the vore art this movie might inspire, I personally do not intend to draw any of that. I will certainly consider some playful fan-art though, we shall see. I've got a lot to do right now.

I know way before this movie even came out there was already a pretty nice vore-ish picture out there:
And to its credit this kind of happens in the movie like twice or so, but not to this picture's extent.

Onto more of the movie:

It was pretty country-ranch set, and the Rex's were kick-like which I didn't expect but it was alright.

There was of course some cheesy stuff, sad stuff, as in all movies; also the long journey, friends you meet on the way, some cute humor, some odd moments, bad guys do bad things, bad guys are defeated, heartbreak moments, kind of happy ending.

I'm actually mega surprised that there was literally no blood in this movie. You'd think with all the teeth and claws there would be something! These are Dinosaurs! There are scenes of pulling skin and scratching, and the Trex's chomp their teeth a lot, There was blood in FINDING NEMO (Dory's bloody nose) and in UP (when Carl hits the guy on the head with his cane) But I didn't see a single blotch of blood anywhere in this movie! However there was a fair amount of TALKING about blood when one Rex tells a story. So there was no blood in this movie at all. Not that I'm against that at all, it just seemed very tame and kind of unrealistic, then again; talking Dinosaurs here...

So that's my views, I think its a good stand-alone movie and not really sequel worthy, but its damn adorable and lovely.
I don't like how Spot was more Neanderthal and animal-like but my guess is that they wanted to focus on Arlo and his journey so that's why the Dinosaurs were more prominent with speech.

The movie certainly wants me to cuddle up with my own big Dinos and Reptiles, gosh I love the hell out of them :love:

So I would recommend seeing the movie, I'll see it again, but maybe once its out to buy.

To see my SPOILER review, look here:

The Good Dinosaur Review - NO SPOILERS


26 November 2015 at 02:32:52 MST

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