Inktober, life and all by CC

I didn't update this page since a time, not because I forget but more because I didn't have lot to share, I do art and all but a good part I can't share it and I do work for some peoples too. Still I will put my inktober fast inking time here ( just not in one shot ), for peoples who don't know what is the inktober it's a little challenge where you have the months for ink 31 pictures, many time I wanted to try but I accepted the challenge only this year, that was a good excuse to kick my ass and do fast art, it's not my best art but still it's something to share. I actually work on bring back my webcomic Uzi ( FR: http:/ EN: http:/ ) and I work on a future little serie or comic the Academy of the Adventurers where I want a little comic of 20 pages for april, let's hope I can.

Actually I cut FACEBOOK in a way for that, but because I'm tired or drama, hate and all and I need to found some peace in my mind. Still, I feel like my social life will take a kick in the guts. :B

Anyway, so I will try to put moar arts here, so stay around.

Inktober, life and all


2 November 2015 at 13:05:42 MST

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    takes a seat and eats popcorn ;3 Good to have you back.

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      Can you share? I feel for pop corn :B