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What I can said 'bout me. Mmmmh Hi I'm Crazy Cat ( because it's usually how my friend call me ). I speak french, but I'm not that bad in english. I'm an artist who made comics ( but I don't live of that ) and who are some kind of freelance illustrator ( here again I don't do enough for live of that and it's mostly in my free times ) who seem to have for full time job to found a job. I mostly do anthro art, I stopped for a time for some personnal reasons and I try to come back gradually.

I used to be friendly with peoples who are nice with me and respect me, but I had lot of problem with many peoples so don't be surprised if sometime I can be distant or cold.

That's all I have to said. ^^;

P.S.: I just need time to enter the info' for the commission in the ( impossible ) possibility you ask for one, but if I didn't put it yet you can always send me a message and ask me ( I usually answer fast ).


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Inktober, life and all

on 2 November 2015 at 13:05:42 MST

I didn't update this page since a time, not because I forget but more because I didn't have lot to share, I do art and all but a good part I can't share it and I do work for some peoples too. Still I will put my inktober fast inking time here ( just not in one shot ), for peoples who don't know what is the inktober it's a little challenge where you have the months for ink 31 pictures, many time I wanted to try but I accepted the challenge only this year, that was a good excuse to kick my ass and do fast art, it's not my best art but still it's something to share. I actually work on bring back my webcomic Uzi ( FR: http:/uzicrazycat.webcomics.fr/ EN: http:/uzicrazycatenglishversion.webcomics.fr ) and I work on a future little serie or comic the Academy of the Adventurers where I want a little comic of 20 pages for april, let's hope I can.

Actually I cut FACEBOOK in a way for that, but because I'm tired or drama, hate and all and I need to found some peace in my mind. Still, I feel like my social life will take a kick in the guts. :B

Anyway, so I will try to put moar arts here, so stay around.

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    So glad you finally joined.^^

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      You will regret later ( jk ). ;)

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        I doubt it! You need an avatar.

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          so temporary avatar until I made a new one