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Happy Halloween! by Zeta-Haru

Me and Gabe wish a Happy Halloween to everybody! Hehe :3

Must have been a crazy day for most of you! I hope you enjoyed/enjoy this halloween with your friends and had fun in general!

The last two days were kinda crazy to me, I went to sleep at my friend's house with two other friends, so we could wake up early the other day for an event that would stream the League of Legends Worlds finals, but then there was so many people that we couldn't get inside, it was the admin's fault but they weren't expect so many people in the city and I'm not mad at them because what I wanted was to have a good time with my friends this day, and that's what I had right after at the mall!

I spent a good time in the book store and I really like the place even though I don't read much, it's very big and calm. I bought two things there, and I love both!
Specially the Pewdiepie book, I've been a fan for 3 years or more and I saw the guy grow bigger and bigger and it's awesome to have the chance to support him in that way <3 and yeah I finally found a fox lil plush here lol, other places just have tigers and bears

I just feel bad for having lots of unhealthy food last night with the friends, going to compensate by eating this... apple ...takes a bite >w>

Haha, thanks for reading I really wanted to share my day because my life isn't that "active" and I'm usually just home and it was so amazing to feel good being outside, this only happened before this year when I went to the furry event "Abando" and spent time irl with my boyfriend <3

Thanks for all your support and hey if you didn't have a good time wiht your friends on halloween doesn't mean you can't do it another day ok? Just enjoy life your own way <3 See ya next time!

Happy Halloween!


1 November 2015 at 02:03:35 MST

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