Lots of updates, and an extention on the reward promotion by Lizardlicks

Added buttons on pre-order to the store. Right now the boa, corn snake, normal ball python and albino ball python are available. The other designs will be added over the next couple of months, so if the one you want isn’t up yet, don’t worry. It will be available soon! I’m also working on the sticker sheet, so that should be up in a few days as well. I’m not going to give away what it is just yet, but I will say that I think this one will have seasonal availability only, so once they’re gone, they’re gone until next year!

On the Facebook page I’ve added a Storenvy app, so now you can make purchases right from the page. I’m also working on setting up one of those Facebook page like discounts, so we’ll see how that goes.

Boa stickers and the Patreon exclusive stickers have both been ordered, and are on the way, but because of and ordering quirk, I have one last special promotion. Sticker mule only lets me order in increments of ten, but I have fifteen Patreon supporters who’re getting stickers this month. To make sure everyone got one I had to order twenty, which leaves me with 5 left over. So, the next five people to sign up for my Patreon will ALSO get the exclusive Halloween themed supporter sticker! This is your last chance to get it, because I will not be reprinting them, and they will not be available in the shop.

Last but not least, when I have the sticker sheets and buttons, I’ll add some new reward options for the Patreon for those who would like to become a patron, but aren’t interested in the 3x3 vinyl round stickers. That’s it for news updates currently. I’ll be messaging patrons soon about voting for a new design, so keep an eye out for it. Thank you everyone!


Lots of updates, and an extention on the reward promotion


2 October 2015 at 21:57:24 MDT

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