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Room Available For Rent In November by Threetails

Unless he changes his mind, our roommate Toba says he's out. Things have been getting tense over the last year or so, and I'm not going to beg him to stay this time if that's what he really wants.

Our apartment is a 3 bedroom second-story apartment in Beaverton, Oregon located just next to a bus route. The neighborhood is generally pretty safe and quiet but is close enough to stores and things to be convenient.

One bedroom has been converted to storage.

The room we are currently looking to rent out gets use of the hall bathroom which includes a bathtub, a fairly new toilet, and a full-size sink counter. We have Internet access but depending on what happens to the router when Toba moves out we may need to get a new one. Roommate's share of the rent will be only $346 a month. Our utilities aren't bad here so Kobi and I usually cover those provided you're not using a huge amount of power.

Sadly we are at our complex's limit for pets so bringing in another cat or a dog would not be possible.

Our ideal roommate will be someone who pays their share of the rent on time. The best time to add you to the lease would be when we renew our lease on or before the 15th of October.

Reply here or note me if interested.

Room Available For Rent In November


30 September 2015 at 22:51:28 MDT

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