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Bye For Now, But Not Forever! by D'Otter

I'm between jobs. The program I'm with that's supposed to be helping me find work requires me to submit five applications per week. I haven't been meeting that quota very well.

I'm also still looking for another place to live. But now I have to be out of the house by October 31st or they'll send the sheriff to put me on the street.

The upshot of all of this is that I need to make more time in my day and keeping up with Furry media isn't helping. So to make more time for myself, I'm going to ignore Furry for a while, hopefully only until November.

When I get back, I'll be ridiculously behind on both journals and submissions, so I'll probably just nuke them all. I apologise in advance for anything important that I miss.

Please understand, I'm still Otter with a capital O! I love Furry and I'm far from leaving it behind. This is just while I get my act back together.

GTA Furries; I expect to keep up the Birfday Otter Update despite all. But it might not be as complete as usual next month. I'm also expecting to get to Golden Griddle on Saturday.

Finally, um... if anyfur in or near the GTA has a lead on shared accommodation, preferably not more than $600/mo, or positions open, I'd be most grateful.
-- Dee

tl:dr -- see title

Bye For Now, But Not Forever!


24 September 2015 at 04:51:51 MDT

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