Still alive...just not much to pass on by Aldin

Or is there? Spent a week volunteering at the Union Fair museum as previously reported. Told visitors all I could about the history of Moxie soft drink when in the Moxie wing or whatever I could point out in the rest of the museum such as the dog treadmill/engine (Link is from Antiques Roadshow, which featured one several seasons ago). Harness your dog on the treadmill, release the brake and Fido would have to walk. Treadmill turned a wheel that you could put a belt on and hook-up to your circa late 1800's washer machine or butter churner or what have you on and let Fido do the work for you.

Then rented a camp on a lake for a week. Not as great a place as some I've had. I've also had worse. But I did have perfect weather. Now been back to the grind for a week.

Oh, and mother is off her rocker. Figurative and literally. Dad had to buy her a lift chair as a replacement to the rocker. I haven't said much about her here. She's diabetic and had a toe amputated earlier this year. It's been slow to heal and became infected again. They took part of her foot. She checked herself out of the rehab facility against medical advice a week ago. My poor father has his hands full. It wouldn't surprise me if she messed-up, gets the healing wound infected again and loses her leg. (drooptail)

There you go, that's what's up.

Still alive...just not much to pass on


11 September 2015 at 18:18:30 MDT

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