RMFC Report! by Idess

I had a wonderful time at RMFC this year!!

Sales were up exponentially and though it kinda sucked to miss out on any after-con gatherings and dances (as I had to drive home every night), it was really nice to come home every day and work at my own desk and care for my pets. Not to mention the cost of one tank of gas is a heck of a lot cheaper than a hotel for 3 nights! I'm not sure if I will commute next year... there are definitely pros and cons to both. It really depends on if I want to make RMFC a strictly business con or a 'fun' con. Since BLFC is a big "fun" con and FC is a bit of both, I'm leaning towards strictly business, especially since it's local to me and easy to save money. But we'll see. I'll definitely be back no matter what!

The uptick in business was so wonderful. I'll admit a bit of a secret here... after the bad sales at RMFC last year I truly honestly wondered if my art was getting stale. If people were burnt out on it and moving on to other artists because I wasn't improving enough or not producing enough. It caused a bit of a crisis in my mind and how I looked at my own art and myself. However, after this year, I think those bad thoughts have been dispelled :) I think it was just a combination of a bunch of wrong timing things with the con that made last years sales so bad, not just for me but many artists. I fully recognize that my furry art output over the last few years is not what it used to be and I hope to remedy that, however this year's RMFC made me feel so much better that even though that's the case, you all still enjoy my art and want to support me. So thank you so much for that!

My next con is Further Confusion in 2016! I can't wait to go back to FC. It will be a ton of fun and hopefully another great experience!

RMFC Report!


13 August 2015 at 08:35:37 MDT

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    That is so awesome! :D

    I hope to maybe make FC this next time, but it depends on the state of IL and how soon they're making passports "mandatory" for travel...as it takes forever to get one. laugh

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      Cool! I hope you can make it, if you do please definitely stop by my table and say hi :D But that's kinda crazy that a state is doing that for in-country travel?? _ Huh!

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        Definitely! I've bought prints from you in the past when I've been able to go to FC! :D I love going to FC because it gets me out of ice and cold for a weekend in the winter! As well as being a fun 'con! :)

        Something about some places in IL not having asked for a birth certificate to get a driver's licence/state I.D.--I know I had to show that stuff...but it sounds like since it wasn't state-wide and they can't verify who did and who didn't, they're enforcing the passport thing to ensure getting a form of I.D. for travel that relies on a birth certificate. They've just said generally "in 2016", but no specifics on when yet. My home state is so weird! XD

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          Wow that is really weird! XD But hopefully doesn't prevent you from traveling! I would love to see you again and thank you for all your awesome comments here on Weasyl :D

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            Yeah...I guess with the TSA regulations and rules the state is trying to find the "easiest way" to fix their error. chuckle Ah well...I think I can make FC if they don't change the stuff until after January...since I think I've been told the wait for most passports is 3-6 months (unless you pay massively to expedite) and so few places are open when its convenient to me to get one done! My state I.D. expires in 2016...I wouldn't mind if they just asked for all the birth certificate and form stuff again to be safe, honestly. But the state's gotta do what it's gotta do.

            I'm definitely gonna try and make it this next year...I miss seeing all the fun people that go there and going to the panels and stuff! :D I'll definitely stop by your booth and buy many things as well! :)

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    Good to hear you had a good time and sales were good this year, your art is good and you are a wonderful person so you should never doubt yourself or your abilities ;)