How....what?? by Dmitry

How in the hell does one person (who doesn't post often AND doesn't do super porny stuff) get 5000 watchers?

Not gonna lie, totally jealous.

I've been steadily gaining 1-2 watchers a day this week, which is awesome! Thank you watchers! I'm trying really hard to gain more, but even 500 watchers seems like it's going to be impossible. I'm going to keep trying, but I just don't know how to get there besides to just keep posting.

Must be witchcraft.



11 August 2015 at 09:11:39 MDT

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    Honestly, I am more surprised that there are as many active people on here to amass such large of a number of followers.

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      It's amazing.

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    Anything is possible surreal dream "world".

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      Now if only I could figure out how to control the dream.

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        Believing and Imagination and stuff.

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    Hey, I only have 184 followers and I have been on a while...I don't really post porn, so maybe that is my problem.

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      I post porn and I have a lot less than you. It's not all about porn, promise.

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    They might have a following from other sites already, that translates over to here too.

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      True. I'm trying to expand to other sites to draw people in, if they like my work.