Computer Problems.again by sonderjen

Computer issues again. I've had a UPS that I noticed crapped out on me a few months ago and didn't get the time or budget to replace it. This wouldn't be much of an issue, but the city here has a shitty power grid and brown outs are common, but moreso in the last few weeks. I've gone through 3 mini displayports to use my iMac as a second monitor, but they finally did it. They killed my mac's mini displayport today.

So I'm faced with a few options:

  1. Replace everything (new ups, new monitor) for more than I'm willing/able to pay for.
  2. Hopefully get a reasonable price for Geek Squad to fix the port, if that's even possible for them.
  3. Just buy a new UPS, the updated version of Synergy, and lose live, mirrored views of what I'm working on until a replacement monitor can be acquired.
  4. Sell the iMac, and hopefully get enough to cover the replacement equipment. I keep seeing listings of $800 for 27" 2009 iMacs, but I also see that nothing is selling anywhere, regardless of the price.

Anyone have helpful advice? Or distraction? I'm so tired of dealing with computer problems. Just let me work, goddamn.

Computer Problems.again


7 August 2015 at 13:00:51 MDT

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    2015, year of constant computer death.
    i've been having similar problems, hence the stream of constant traditional media shiz
    i can't really offer any advice, but as for distractions fallout shelter on android an ios is like an ant farm full of idiots, or just go onto youtube and watch the crap out of bbc's QI

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      haha, I actually need way less distractions, but I'm getting there. I'm still making my way through New Vegas anyway.

      Computer magically fixed itself last week before taking it to the Mac store. I didn't want to go anyway, but at least everything's in a stable spot again (for now).

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        well new Vegas is a great game to get through
        gdi now i want to start playing it again

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          I've been playing FO3 and NV since January this year as Gloria. Lots of melee weapons, grenade launchers and That Gun.

          I love That Gun.

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            my last attempt was a melee idiot with max strength. my goal was to get a power fist.

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              I started doing one of those in FO3, but got bored (it was my third time playing through). But just running around and punching stuff is great.

              Especially Cazadors because fuck those things.

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                they remind me of fucking cliff racers is Morrowind, T_T
                people made mods specifically to let the player exterminate them