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RMFC is coming up this weekend and instead of doing the usual meme I figured I'd just do a quick update on my info for the con!

I'll be in the Dealers Den all weekend at Table #20! (map: http://www.rockymountainfurcon.org/images/stories/webdealers_rev.png). Please make sure to stop by and say hi and maybe even order a commission or buy some merch! Prep this year has been severely lacking so I'm not sure of the turnout of new things I'll have; Iit'll be a surprise! ;)

Charfox and I are hosting our 3rd annual "So You Think You Can Dog" game show panel again! This year it is at 2pm on Saturday in the Atrium! Woohoo! I'll be making custom stickers as prizes JUST for this event like last year so make sure to stop by and show us your doggy trivia (we promise to make the questions easier this year, hah!) and pick up a limited edition sticker!

This year my boyfriend is on a trip so won't be coming, so I've decided to commute to my home in Fort Collins every day instead of staying at the con. Because of this, unfortunately, I don't plan on sticking around the con outside of Dealers hours much at all :( After hours I will run home to take care of the animals and work on con homework. I may even have to leave early or might come in a bit late some days; I hope not but we'll see! Hopefully traffic won't be TOO bad. But if you stop by my table at edge hours don't be too surprised if it's empty; I'll probably be driving!

I think that's about it! I can't remember if I'm allowed stuff in the art show or not but if so I hope to put up the original of "Tealscape" and some prints in there too :) I'm a bit unprepared this year so I'm not entirely sure at this point what I will and will not have done by Friday haha, oops.

To everyone going; see you there!

RMFC Info!


3 August 2015 at 15:47:47 MDT

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    I hope you have fun! And don't stress out over the commute! :)

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      Thanks! Multiple people have advised me against from doing it but I need to for the animals! At least it's only 3 days XP

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        You're welcome! It's good of you to think of the pets! :)

        Pack some good music, drinks and snacks and you can do it! :D

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    Have a great time ;D

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      Thankyas! You two coming? It is the local con! :3

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        As much as we'd love to meet you, we don't go to furry conventions for many reasons xD
        But if you're ever in the area, do let us know ;)

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    See you there! I'm local too now, so I'm commuting as well. But my drive isn't early as long. D: I live in Aurora.

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        Hehe yea that's not too bad! RMFC has a lot of local people that come, it's a neat way to meet a bunch of the locals :3