Life is Strange Episode 4 by Shiko-Yote

So I saw the end of Life is Strange's Episode 4....
…I feel so empty and sad right now… Can someone just hold me close and stroke my had while I sob quietly?

I wonder if any of you did see/play it too~

holds tight to her pillow

besides that I am doing ok btw, getting back into the groove of finishing comms~ So expect some artsie soon <3

Life is Strange Episode 4


28 July 2015 at 19:56:57 MDT

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    There, there... it'll be okay!

    (gives consoling shep-coon hugs) ;3

    I know... that was a crazy-killer let-down to me too. 8( Loving what I've been playing so far though otherwise!

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    I just got it recently, so I will be playing it when I get time! (From ep 1)

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    I merely read its wikipedia entry, but from that alone I can assume, that it may cause emotional strain, and that it perhaps also enforces the idea of classic Optimism (satirised by Volatire's Candide), that you're living in the best of all worlds, and any tampering would ultimately move you into one of the (slightly) worse worlds.

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    dich fest drückt ich weiß wie es dir geht. =w=
    Hab Ep. 5 von GoT gespielt und abgeschlossen und mir war sehr unschön zumute...

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    Fantastic! Glad to hear you getting back into the swing of things~

    I've never played or watched Life is strange... Maybe I should...