So... by ArthurDTayra

... who's all still active here?

I just got done redoing my folders and shuffling around some submissions. I also even uploaded some new stuff, haha!

I'm going to be reducing my activity over at FA. I'll still go there to fave and comment, sure, but I'll be uploading new content here from now on. I like the functionality of this site more even though FA is (and likely always will be) more active.

Kuntos and I are still in our relationship, and our 18th Mensiversary is coming up on Aug 25th! (That'll be a year and a half of wonderful lovingness!)

I forgot where I found the word "mensiversary", heh.

I hope everyone else's doing OK!



28 July 2015 at 09:57:42 MDT

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    I was not active here, but I am trying to become more active in more places, so I am becoming active here I guess? I don't know! I'm here now!

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      It's a start!

      Also, ever since you mentioned it on Twitter some while ago I totally want to get a progressive sequence of sketches of Brer Fox on that dildo cross or whatever it's called. >=] Naughty lion, putting that thought in my mind. =D

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        Dildo cross? :o No doubt that I mentioned Br'er Fox, as I tend to do... well, all the time... but what is this dildo cross of which you speak? ALSO! Bite your tongue! I am not a naughty lion! I am a well-behaved, docile, innocent little kitty cat.

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    i'm semi-active here. a few folks i follow here like you my dear. :3

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      Gosh, I'm happy the folks you follow here like me! **intentionally misinterpreting for great silliness**
      Love ya for following me here, too, love. <3

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    Active here even though I prefer FA. This is a mistake but i'll ask... What is a Mensiversary? (I think I know but I don't want to presume.)

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      Monthly version of anniversary. =)

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    Still active here. I just need to draw more stuff. Still watching you!

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      You're a devbird! Of course you'll be active here. ;) **boops back**

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    I'm going to be active more here, now that I left FA for almost everything but a few friends who won't leave there.

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      I remember you mentioning that, yes! And pretty much the same for me and FA right now.