So i made someone mad? by RainClaw

because i said no to making them art?
i did two pieces of art for them and i was getting annoyed because they kept asking
so i said no and they blocked me on weasyl
So i went on FA and sent them this letter

original post by Rainclaw:

last thing i'll tell you before you block me
i'm an artist and what i do is not easy so blocking/ignoring me for not doing art for you is pretty low
artist do not apreiciate when some one does that and you are a nice person, but you have to pay for it
please next time be a bit nicer to someone
they might actually need the money for personal problems

so yeah :l

Rain Wusky

After that they told me to leave them the fuck alone

and now thier partner is after me?
i just kinda wanna be paid for the art i do
is that bad?
i swear people make me mad

So i made someone mad?


22 July 2015 at 12:47:29 MDT

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    Greed and stupidity

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      yeah :/

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        I'm gonna state the obvious, again, and just say that you did the right thing