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National Moth Week! Get BUGIFIED + SHOP SALE! by MothMonarch

Moth Week
It's National Moth Week once again! Check out to learn more about my fluttery people! And hey, just like last year, IT'S SALE TIME AT MY SHOP! Bugdanas, buttons, original art and prints await you - all 15% off with code "MOTHWEEK"! Get on board the BUG LYFE!

I'm also bringing back a popular commission type inspired by National Moth Week - the MOTHIFYS! See your fursona/character as a moth (or other rad bug of choice) with all the adorable and fun accents that my usual bug style grants. Check it out, yo:


  • $35 USD + a ref image/sheet will get you SET UP! (Please note any changes in the ref and mark it NSFW if needed, just so I know.)
  • I will draw you as a moth or other bug in my fabulous bug style with a simple background! You get a web-size file and a high res file in case you feel like printing that bad boy/girl/other! (Just for this event, I'll also draw existing bugs in my bug style for the same price!)
  • You can get a sketch check for the pose or just let me go straight through as you please! And you can add more background detail for +$10! Or upgrade to 2 characters for a total of $55! EXAMPLES: Mephia (moth) | Lein Kiza (butterfly) | Gato (moth) | Devmon (lightning bug & hermit crab) More background: Shiro (moth) | Pheagle (moth) | Chance (moth)

Drop me a line via note or email if interested! Go go go!

National Moth Week! Get BUGIFIED + SHOP SALE!


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