The Games People Play by The Incredible G

Evening Everybody,

I'm a little frustrated tonight. Have you ever been bad at something?.. Not only that, but still better at it than others yet they are still worse than you due to apathy, trivial discomfort, laziness or adolescent ignorance? Throughout my history, I have been told Asperger's people like me have degenerated social skills. According to some of my communications - especially the professional one - there is an unpleasant irony that is exhibited peoples' lesser ability to maintain a social connection out of disinterest or abandonment.

I'll send an offer to work for a company for my chosen profession when the position roster is fresh & not full of possible picks for the job. 3 months later, after the roster has sat filled for such time, I'll get an email saying "Sorry! The list of candidates was full...". What. The. Heck. I applied for the position when it was just offered & now they have the nerve to lie to me like that? I'll also apply for fresh positions on career sites & get a reply half a year later saying "Sorry for the late reply. We didn't catch this email 'till now & the position is already taken..." For crying out loud! What does it take to find a punctual communicator in this world? If it weren't for lousy administrators, I might have had a life of my own by now.

I know you've all felt this way. People around you worse at something your naturally bad at out of sheer laziness, cantankerousness or mild discomfort. We hate it & suck at it, but we do it with marginal success out of necessity. They're good at it, yet hate it & fail at it thanks to the fact that they are weak minded. Infurating, isn't it? Well, it goes to show me: I'm don't have a soft head like those people & suffer a few measly bad parts in order to get to the good stuff. Their weakness is my exploitation.

That's it for tonight. Sorry for the hard words, but I needed to let it out somehow.

Sleep tight,
The Incredible G

The Games People Play

The Incredible G

18 July 2015 at 01:02:42 MDT

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    Yeah, the business world is a real prick at times. You're either under qualified, over qualified, or you need to get experience to have experience. They spin a catch 22 all the time. It's especially frustrating in the Class A CDL industry (Semi Trucks).

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      Mhmm. It's gotten worse for almost every industry out there due to excess oil on the market. I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada - the heart of Canada's Oil Co. head offices - & it's had an adverse effect on everything from the oilsands to the retail industry & even high tech entrepreneurship. Everyone here curses Opec for not withdrawing stock & discouraging market growth. Let's hope things turn around!