Contest for August Planned! by Uluri

Hello Hello,
I have Begun Planning out my now ANNUAL Furiendship Contest.
There will be between 8-10 characters for everyone to choose from to draw.
There will be a 1st-3rd prize including both Money and Artwork by various folks.
(Prize Donations would also be welcome)

This Contest will be Taking place all throughout August and I will be Hosting it
on my FurAffinity, Weasyl, and DeviantArt. All types of art are welcome, including literature!

The Species Line Up looks something like this at the moment.

  • Foxes, Human, Rabbits, Monsters, Velociraptor, dragon, Wolf (With the possibility of Raccoon and Cat, too)So there should be a large array of species to accommodate a multitude of Artists.

We will also allow you to draw YOU OWN CHARACTERS into the Pieces, too!
I mean, it IS a Furiendship Contest!!!

Contest for August Planned!


17 July 2015 at 13:35:19 MDT

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    Oh sounds interesting :D

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      I can't wait to start it up. i might get to post it a little Early once I gather the Ref sheets.

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    So what will exactly happen? 0.o

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      Contest for all of August. 3 Winners, A List of prizes.
      I am Still Gathering up Prizes from a few, and will also be accepting prize Donations
      Once the Contest has Been officially Announced as well.
      There is no Specific Theme set, so the Theme could be absolutely anything (As long as it's pg13).

      I'm Just Announcing that I will in fact be Hosting this Contest once again this year.
      (And Making it a yearly thing from here on out)

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    ;-; Im sorry but I still don't understand /.\

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      Please, What is it that you do not understand.
      If you put your Questions into a list for me, I will try to Answer them as best as I can.

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      1. I have Announced that I shall Be hosting a Contest Soon
      2. Said contest will have 10 Characters artists can choose to draw.
      3. Contest will take entries during all of August. (Ends last day of August)
      4. There will be 3 Winners: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
      5. Prizes for Each place includes various amounts of Money and Custom Art from prize Donators (Yet to be Announced)
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        So is it a raffle in a way? Or just for artists? And do you have to pay to do this? O.0

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          It is not a Raffle. It is a Contest.

          Artists Draw/write Artwork of Selected Characters. Judges Judge All artwork and Pick top 3.
          Those THree will then Recieve prizes for their ArtWork.

          RAFFLES have Random Winners for Random people based on Random Generators.
          CONTESTS, Artists Works are Judged to Decide Who Wins based on the Art they Submit to the Contest.

          Yes it is free to Enter.

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    Sounds fun~ I am so in!

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    Ohhhhh i see x) thats cool! Too bad I'm not very good or I would join!

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    sounds cool :3 i'm joining this