Adult Art Account? by VenomousSoliloquy

Bit of curiosity.
I know on FA, some people really enjoy that I keep my G thru PG-13 art on one account (under this name)
And my Adult NC-17, R, gore etc art on my adult account (different name I use on Y!Gal and HF)

So, I'm just curious... Do people like me just uploading all my art, mature and clean to this account.
Or would you rather I separate it out? Have Mature work on one account and all my G thru PG-13 stuff here?

I'm honestly comfortable either way, but...

Adult Art Account?


9 July 2015 at 15:50:08 MDT

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    I don't mind seeing it all at once, but I basically live alone and don't have to worry about being caught or seen as someone who is doing something inappropriate (which is kind of sad I feel? Like, that it's not exactly shared or just respected as apart of some folks).

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    I don't mind seeing it all in the same account, mostly because filters here actually work

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    I want it all in one big pile like a KFC Famous Bowl!

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      Hahaha. I wish I could package my art in such a way.
      It'd taste delicious.

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    All in one :)