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For the past week, I've been away climbing in North Wales (this is related). Part of climbing outdoors is learning to cope with your own mental state, as climbs with lots of exposure can make you scared, and perform less than optimally. Anyway, the guide I was with was talking about this, and said that the British are terrible at having a positive mental state, as culturally, we enforce upon ourselves feelings that have a negative impact. The common three ones she said were the fear of looking bad infront of others, focusing on what could go wrong, and thinking negatively about your own ability. Now, the last one really struck a cord...

With that in mind, I want to try and at least remedy the frankly poor ability I have about talking about myself, or things I do. As you may have noticed, this way of thinking shows itself in my thoughts about my writing, and the constant self-deprecation and negativity when I talk about myself. So, in an attempt to change things, here are ten random facts about me, if you're interested!

  1. I have a thing for Brussels Pate. I can't get enough of the stuff.

  2. For three years when I was younger, I lived in the Middle-East. Kuwait specifically.

  3. I initially started writing about werewolves, but dropped that element as I realised that all I was really writing were non-shifting werewolves, which are, basically anthro wolves.

  4. I live close a a Royal Game Park (which you can enter for free), and I go walking regularly there, often getting very close to the Red Deer which live there.

  5. I despair politics for the sake of politics, and opposition for the sake of opposition.

  6. It's my one vain little ambition to write something that is held to have literary significance or merit.

  7. If there was a time period I would want to go back to, it's the dark ages. I find the period absolutely fascinating.

  8. In terms of the fandom, I still don't consider myself part of it, or a furry. As such, I'm also unsure whether I'd ever go to a con.

  9. My understanding of hell is going around the shops on a weekend, shopping simply for the sake of shopping.

  10. I've barely any experience writing poetry.

If you feel like it, share some of your own!

Ten Random Facts About Me


6 July 2015 at 06:27:19 MDT

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    Middle East? Wow, isn't that quite a source of inspiration?

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      Hmm, well yes and no. The issue was that I was there when I was young, so it didn't really sink in. That, and rather disappointingly, I remember mostly heat and sand. xD

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        I imagine it would be somewhat halfway between Metal Gear Solid and Dune. ;)

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          I've never played or read those. =(

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            Awr, squeeeee! No. Dune is a book series by Frank Herbert. If I was a minister of education, I would make sure every generation has to read it to get passing grades. :D