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"My name is Teri.

Last night I was a drunken ass in front of my roommate and the guy I sorta liked. I may have also tried to kill myself. I don't remember a whole lot of it, but it's the sort of thing I might have done.

I guess I should explain myself...

To begin with, my family's Old Money. Great Grandpa wasn't the first in our family to emigrate here, but he was the most ambitious of our family at the line. He started a Company and managed it well, and the Company looked after his family, just as he intended it would. The family grew along with the Company, and even though it ended up a publicly-traded organization, upper management remained very much a family affair.

Great Grandpa passed the business to Grandma, passing over her many sisters and brothers because he found her the most worthy. It was a hard-won victory and one not without dispute. Grandma only ever had one child because she was tired of bickering with her siblings, and she groomed her only son, my father, to be her heir so that there would be no illusions about who would be taking over for her once she had retired. My father, though I call him "Daddy" to piss him off, flourished in the strict environment he was raised in. He was a golden child, and made her proud at every possible juncture, save for one.

You can probably guess how I figure into the story now, huh?"

"Teri's Lament", coming soon.

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26 June 2015 at 21:37:05 MDT

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