Im going to sound like a dick here. by HyBruh

Based on my expierence on this website and irl examples. I would rather hang out with bros (non ceepy) type then most people in nerd/geek culture. From my expierence, at least bros are welcoming and such, even the most whitebread truckin bros would keep open arms for a dude like me. When it came to nerds, if you dont look like them you get side-eyed, talked about. Nerds have an unwarranted self importance about them because they (think they) are smart, or “caring” (see nice guys) I have met more racist nerds then I have met jocks or bros, and they are real covert about ti too thinking they can slide by with “Hey you are smart for a black dude”, “Hey for a black chick she is cute”’ “Wow how do you know about computers, aren you like on a basketball team?” Nah fuck yall man, get a sense of style then talk to me

Im going to sound like a dick here.


18 February 2013 at 12:47:03 MST

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    Agreed. I've met a lot of "nerdy" people and they can be pretty stuck up, especially over the most trivial shit. A lot of them change their opinion of me on a whim, just cause I say "oh, I don't like that" or "yeah, I'm kinda into this" and never speak to me again like I broke some sort of ancient law.

    My brother hangs out with nothing but "bro's" and they've all welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family despite being socially awkward, homosexual and shy. I can just be loose around them and not worry about judged or shunned for anything.

    It's not to say that all nerdy people are like that, but for the most part, I've experienced the same thing.

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      Its not all of them trust me, its a huge majority

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    yeah, i can see that. a lot of the really exclusive people just give looks when they hear me talk about something *~*NoT NeRdY*~*, or even god forbid saying i like anime but also enjoy animated movies from other cultures... its become it's own 'in group', and that's not fun.

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    i mean i go to a big school and i usually ignore jockish types on campus just cause idk I'm awkward and don't wanna talk to them or anything lol. Nothin' they do, and to be honest all the ones I've talked to in classes n shit are pretty laid back bros or whatever and i got no issues with them.

    that directly contrasts how i feel towards the sorta dudes who fill up the games rooms and shit cause like. k yeah i'm lame as shit i wanna play magic the gathering but just lookin at the dudes who play seems like the sorta people who'd jump on my ass for not liking ponies or shit lmao i dunno

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    nerds have kind of surpassed the jocks/prep types as the new's sad to say but it's true. granted no majority speaks for the whole but the way the tables have turned has brought out the absolute worst in nerdy/geeky people, whether because they're in the mindset of "now i'll show them" or whatever. idk idk it reminds me of animal farm and how the pigs overthrew the humans only to BECOME the humans they hated so much