Terms of Service by Crocdragon

As my client, you automatically agree to the following conditions upon commissioning me for artwork. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to either note me, or email me at crochybrid@hotmail.com

● All prices are in USD.

● Paypal ONLY.

● Absolutely NO E-checks.

● If you send me one, I will cancel it and have you pay me properly. If you are unable to do so, then I'm afraid we can't do business with each other.

● When everything is agreed upon, I will send you an invoice, so your Paypal is required. This will not be negotiated. If you don't want to give me your Paypal, then I will not be able to do business with you.

● As always, by commissioning me, you automatically agree to allow me to repost and/or redistribute your commission (my art) as I so choose, unless otherwise requested within reason.

● I reserve the right to refuse commissions from anyone I choose for any reason. Please, if I say I will not accept your commission idea, then accept that and move on, or please think of something else.

● I reserve the right to cancel a commission partway into its progress and refund the client's money partially or in full depending on how far along the project is.

● If a client becomes unruly or abusive during the commission process I will cancel the commission, refund fully or partially their payment and end all business communication with said person in the future.

Process: Once you note or email me for a spot, the commission is considered In Queue. Payment is ALWAYS required as soon as you get said spot. Payment will be requested via Paypal. Progress will not be made until payment is received. When payment is received progress will be started, and any sketches will be sent off for approval. Once that is done, the commission will be inked, and the drawing will be sent off for corrections should there be any. Multiple corrections will be made until the client is happy with the commission. However, there is only so much I can do before moving on, as I will have other clients waiting on their commissions. (I.E; if it looks like no matter how many times I correct it, and you still aren't satisfied. Say like fixing the angle of the head or hand or even foot, or expression.)

● I have a limit cap for how many characters can be in a commission. My limit stops at 5. This is temporary, however.

● Please note that if you request something with one of my characters, there will be some rules. I prefer to mostly draw my characters in character, so if you ask me to draw something that doesn't fit the character, I will turn you down. No if's and's or but's. When I say no, that means you should drop it and think of something else.

● Also regarding my characters, that if I draw your character with mine, the anatomy of your character will be changed to fit the universe my characters are in. My anthros are plantigrated with human feet, hands and genitals. So when I draw your characters with them, they would have those, too. If I draw your character separately or with someone else's, depending on their design, I will draw them how you originally designed them/pictured them, genitals and all. (Animal style, digi legs; the works.)

● Once the client approves of everything, commission will be colored and shaded, and a high resolution, including a smaller one for the client to post in their gallery should they wish to do so, will be given to them upon completion.

● If payment is not received within 7 days, I will let you know that I am taking you off the list. Please keep in mind, I have other clients waiting or have plans to open for future commissions. I cannot and will not open for commissions until the first queue is cleared. NOTE: This is only if I do not get ANY sort of response within a reasonable amount of time. You are allowed to request an extended amount of time, especially if you are waiting for the money to be transferred into your account, or your internet connection isn't cooperating with you.

● In extreme cases of non-payment or abusive communication I will be forced to “report” about an uncooperative client on the LiveJournal community Artists Beware. I do not tolerate dishonesty or maliciousness.

● Be sure you know what you want and clarify such in the beginning. It will make things easier on the both of us, and get the work done faster.

● Please note that if your character is more complex than the average character, I have the right to add an adjusted surcharge for laborious or complicated designs depending on its complexity. This won't be necessary for the majority of characters, so most people won't have to worry about this.

● I will not accept commissions involving the following under ANY circumstances:

  • Scat
    -Extreme Vore (Anal Vore, Nipple Vore, Penis Vore)
    -Extreme Hyper (Vaginas, anuses)
    -Messy Diapers
    -Mechanical people and objects
    -Cub Porn
    -Most things that involve the anus. (anal sex is fine, because the anus won't be too visible depending on the angle.)
    -Copyrighted characters in adult situations. (I.e; pokemon, digimon, and various other furry movie/tv characters)

• What I will accept as commissions involving the following:

-Mature artwork

  • Babyfurs
  • Diapers
  • Asphyxiation/Suffocation
  • Gore/Mutilation
  • Snuff/Death
  • Inflation
  • Tickling
  • Pregnancy/Mpreg

Used Spelunker_Sal's TOS as a base.

Terms of Service


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