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Hello and Updates! by Kittrel

Hi hi! I think I caught up with adding all the FA users who suddenly posted their Weasyl accounts. I'm really excited! I really wasn't using Weasyl much til now for purely selfish reasons - all the artists I followed were on FA and I watch art a lot more than I post art, I think! But now that people are over here I'm sure I'll get a bit more active.

I would normally try to post a little "heya!" message to each person individually but there's just such a flood right now I can't keep up. So HI EVERYONE! :3

I need to spiff up my page here and transfer a bunch of art over. It's not going to happen for a bit though because this week is moving week! Once I'm in my new apartment and unpacked and my job search is well underway hopefully I'll have a bit of time to catch up for real.

So glad to see everyone here - I love the options and layout of this site! It just feels like there's a lot more I can do, and I wish the site well and hope the staff can keep up with the influx and keep things running in tip top shape. :3

Hello and Updates!


18 February 2013 at 07:20:37 MST

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